Bothmer UK Summer Gathering 2021

postponed until Autumn 2021

Course Summary

An extended weekend of Bothmer Movement, games, inspiration and connection, all with the celebration of being able to gather together again (at last!)

Who's coming?
All are welcome, whether post-grad, newcomer, current student or simply friend or family who wish to have a fun time moving together, and surrounded by the beautiful grounds in Sussex.

When is it?

UPDATE: The July 2021 weekend has been cancelled due to low uptake, and will be postponed instead to Autumn 2021. Please be aware of this when booking; you are now booking to confirm your place on a future weekend, dates to be confirmed. The intention is that this same weekend format will be re-arranged for Autumn 2021.

Planned dates, now cancelled: Friday 23rd July 2021 8pm - 12:30pm Monday 26th July 2021
Arrival from 6pm Friday, Departing by 2pm Monday
You can join for the Full weekend, for One-day or for Individual Sessions to suit you. The aim here is to enable us all to gather in the Bothmer spirit and family, as well as dive into the practice and philosophy, and lighten ourselves with games, inspiration and social connection.

What will we be doing?
The weekend's themes will be around connection and renewal, exploring the Bothmer movement afresh after many months without gatherings, and encouraging also opportunities to share inspirations from individual practice over the past year (personal and professional). There'll also be time to look towards the future of this practice for yourself and others, and for those new to Bothmer, some time to explore the basics and get to know this movement philosophy.

It's an in-person event, with this online 'Course' providing all the details and information you'll need, as well as updates in the run-up or after the event. All the 'Lessons' below are visible before you book to confirm you're coming, so please take a look to be confident of the weekend's arrangements.

Where will it be?
The weekend will be at The Gym in Michael Hall Steiner Waldorf School, Forest Row, UK. This has been the Bothmer UK home for a while, so many of you will be familiar with it. However, please note that with COVID-19 regulations, it will be a bit different than previous years so please make sure you read the accommodation section. Essentially, the request is that participants camp on-site in the (beautiful!) grounds. However if this is not possible for you, please get in touch as there can be limited spaces available in the Gym.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the weekend in full (all 11 sessions Friday to Monday) is £150 per person, for all participants (post-graduates, newcomers and current students). This does not include accommodation.

You can choose to join individual sessions instead at £20 each, per person, or £80 for one day, if for any reason you can't attend for the entirety, or you wish to enjoy a taster.

Accommodation is £25 per participating adult in the grounds of Michael Hall School, whether for one or all three nights. Please read the accommodation information (available in the preview below) to be sure of your packing plans. Family/children who are travelling with you, but not participating, are included in this fee.

If you are coming with family, children or friends to enjoy the grounds and social opportunity in your free time, this is welcome. There is no organised program for children, so please ensure you have made provisions for them. In some of the Games sessions, it's possible children can take part. If you have any questions about this to help your planning, please get in touch with Susan.

How do I book?
To confirm your attendance and avoid arriving unannounced, whether joining in full or partial, paid online or on arrival, please do 'purchase' the relevant option below. This will help in planning. If you know anyone who is intending to come, but perhaps hasn't received this online link to book, please share it with them and ask them to book their place too.

Please also note that to make this event financially viable and cover costs, there will need to be at least 10 participants, paying the full weekend amount. Please take this into consideration and support with generosity as much as you can. If you can't make it, but wish to support the running costs please contact Susan.

To confirm your attendance and book your place, please choose your payment option below. If you are a current student and have made payments already, please use the coupon below, as though you were paying on arrival. If you are not sure if this is you, please do this anyway and contact Susan to confirm.

Full Weekend + Accommodation: £175
Full Weekend only (you have accommodation elsewhere): £150
Accommodation only (individual sessions paid on arrival): £25
Individual Sessions (no accommodation needed, pay £20  per session on the day): £0 online ("Free")
One-day attendance (no accommodation): £80
One-day with accommodation: £105

Wherever possible, thank you for paying online in advance. If you wish to book, but can't pay online or are a student as mentioned above, please enter the coupon code PAYONARRIVAL so that you can book and confirm your place, to then pay in cash on arrival.

Any personal questions, please contact or general questions, make contact via the Bothmer UK WhatsApp group. To join the WhatsApp group, use the link in the 'Ask Questions' section.

Looking forward to seeing us all together!

Susan, Martin, Katie, Kevin and as many of this Bothmer UK Family as possible

Course Information 

Katie Brayne

Susan Kelly

Kevin Campbell-Davidson

Martin Baker

Course Pricing

  • Full Weekend + Accommodation
  • £175

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  • Full Weekend
  • £150

    I'll be there! no accommodation needed

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  • Accommodation only
  • £25

    I'll be there! Paying individual sessions on the day

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  • One-Day Attendance
  • £80

    Saturday OR Sunday, no accommodation needed

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  • One-Day with Accommodation
  • £105

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  • Individual Sessions paid on the day
  • Free

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