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Movement Challenges

Movement challenges to work on mobility, balance, coordination, rhythm and timing. We are aiming for movement mastery!

Course Summary

A series of nine challenges that you can do around the home using simple equipment found around the house. E.g. one week you may need a sock, the next a cushion. You'll get a reminder each week when the next challenge becomes available. Each challenge is made up of two parts, so 18 ways to challenge yourself!

These challenges are designed for children aged 10 upwards. Adult supervision is required. You will need a clear space of around 2 metres in many challenges. Older teenagers and adults please feel free to join in!

For this introductory challenge you will need a suitable space in which to work that is free of furniture or hazards on the floor. Be sure to have adult supervision before you start, and adults you are welcome to join in! We will be balancing on one leg and if you lose balance, be sure to put a foot or hand down before you fall over! A wooden floor is easier to balance on than fluffy carpet.

As the name suggests his challenge works on our balance and also our coordination.

Course Curriculum

Susan Kelly

Susan is passionate about movement, games and the outdoors. Susan has a degree in Physical Education, with Qualified Teacher Status. She has worked both in mainstream schools and alternative education settings, with extensive training and experience as a gym and games teacher in Steiner Schools. For the last 10 years Susan has been teaching Bothmer Movement both in the UK and internationally. 

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