The 12 Holy Nights

Bothmer® Morning Movement Meditations

What's it all about?

14 mornings of movement meditation, consciously engaging with the '12 Holy Nights'

The understanding of the '12 Holy Nights' as a Future-Predictor:
Each night's dreams give an indication / insight for the corresponding month in the year ahead
How we 'meet' the day before, can influence the quality / atmosphere of that month

The theory and intention:
When we move consciously / meditatively, we bring body-mind-soul/spirit into harmony
Doing this first thing in the morning, can set us up well for the day ahead
Thus setting us up beautifully for the night
To pre-pave / pre-heal the year ahead!

Starting 24th December to prepare the way, Finishing 6th January to review and celebrate
A daily email calling you to 15 minutes' moving each day
Videos will be accessible in the 'course curriculum' and each email will give you an easy link to click and follow
Ideally first thing in the morning or last thing at night, to support the capture or creation of dreams,
But really, whenever suits you
No stress. It's Christmas!

Bothmer® Movement and inspirations, led by Katharine Brayne
Generally moving meditatively in silence with maybe a bit of guidance, or 'thoughts for the day'
Individually at home, and together in Spirit

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A note from Katharine from when this creation was originally offered in 2021:

Dear Bothmer Friends and Family (and all who are interested!)

It's been a while since we last moved together, so I've been inspired to offer the Bothmer Morning Movement again, but this time specifically for the 12 Holy Nights; a meditative moving.

Personally I've noticed that when I move consciously more regularly, I generally feel more connected and inspired in myself, but also in relation to others. I haven't done as much this year, so for the holy nights I'd love to offer this space, to come together and move consciously with each other over Zoom, with the aim to create individual benefit and inner connection during the (often busy) holy nights themselves.

Most people know that the dreams we receive in the holy nights, can be an indication or insight into the 12 relating months (starting with an overview on the 24th Dec, through to the 5th Jan).

But, last year I discovered that the quality/atmosphere of the day (before the holy night) has the capacity to pre-heal the relating month ahead. Likewise it has the capacity to disturb.

(On a personal note, my holy nights last year - 20/21 - were filled with emotional elation and turmoil, and my year since has been a proper inward rollercoaster! So I can really advocate that this is real!)

So, this year I'd like to be much more conscious in my Movement and my day, to support the quality of my 2022 and pre-pave the way for movement, connection and community.

Who would like to join?

The aim is to support our inner journeys, so it's also possible to take part in a less active/online way if you wish, by moving with us offline.

Big hugs and love to all
May your next year be your best and most inspired yet!

Katharine Brayne
Creator of this multi-day '12 Holy Night' Challenge