What is Bothmer® Movement?

Martin introduces us to Fritz Von Bothmer who worked in the first Steiner Waldorf School. Martin explains how Bothmer Movement is a way of looking at human movement that takes into account that we are more than just physical bodies.

How do we work with Bothmer Movement?

IN Education

Established in 1922, Bothmer® Movement was born from Waldorf Education, enabling and encouraging healthy development in children; in both their physical and mental health. This understanding can be applied across all educational settings, supporting children's coordination, balance, resilience and motor-skills, as well as their imagination, sense of play, and social skills through games and storytelling.

IN Therapy

Bothmer® Movement philosophy has informed many physiotherapists, occupational therapists and medical professionals in the understanding of human movement, and the interplay between the physical and psychological bodies of a person. Adding this understanding to an existing specialisation can bring a richer and deeper recovery experience for both practitioner and patient.

IN Self-DEvelopment

Bothmer® Movement is an embodied philosophy and understanding of how the world works, and our place in it as human beings. Through individual practice (a movement meditation, if you will) this philosophy supports self-understanding and self-knowledge through movement exercises which reflect the evolution of human consciousness: The Self in relation to Others and the World.

In shared experience

The essence of Bothmer® Movement lives in the space between a person and their environment; so, too, in the interplay of group dynamic. During in-person courses and workshops, the realities of relationship are explored through movement, playing games and most importantly through the joy in learning, community creation and the mutual discovery in shared experience.

Courses to suit your needs

As we get going, we'll add more and more courses, resources and opportunities to engage with Bothmer Movement and all that the community has to offer. We're open to feedback and input, so if there's something you need, or resources/courses you'd like to see here, please get in touch!

Learning that fits around you

With a range of resources and courses, from handy tips to multi-day challenges, from community discussions to longer-term courses, it's great to know you can engage at your own pace, on any device and at your convenience. Stop and Start as needed, and there are no limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

World-empowered Community

The joy of being human comes out best in community, through joint activity and shared interest. We're excited to create an online space for this, to enable movers from around the world to connect, explore, collaborate and share insights. Even digitally, there's power and support in shared intention and experience.